Building A Safe & Sustainable

Wildlife Sanctuary

In Northern Spain & Andorra

Our Sanctuary

We aspire to build a world-class, natural habitat wildlife sanctuary in the Pyrenees mountains for endangered wildlife; focusing primarily on Iberian Wolf, Catabrian Bear, and Iberian Lynx.

  • Best Practices

    By following excellent international standards constructed by leading global groups we aim to reach a rare level of high quality, for the sake of the animals in our care, and also for WOLF’s long-term viability and reputation.

  • Global Accreditation

    From the ground up, the WOLF sanctuary will utilize the GFAS Standards of Excellence as the ideal framework developed by worldwide experts.

  • Community Conservation

    The co-management of protected areas and conservation projects combine local knowledge with modern scientific knowledge to increase biodiversity, better management, and improve the lives of local people.

  • Local Benefits

    Wildlife and ecotourism can provide direct improvements to the local community, with a holistic and inclusive approach to benefit sharing, which range from increased funds to local villages and agencies to increased natural opportunities for the greater good.

  • Sustainable Development

    The UN's Global Goals for Sustainable Development provide a holistic framework to encourage growth of a global civil society. Sustainable communities, responsible consumption and production, protection of natural ecosystems can effectively halt biodiversity loss and land degradation.

  • Strategic Partnerships

    By building strong relationships with local and complimentary commercial enterprises, charities and associations, we aim to multiply the force of our long-term “win-win” benefits and mutually desired outcomes.