rewilding the pyrenees

We took the land away from the animals. We chopped down the trees. We redirected the rivers.

Now we prefer cities.

We no longer want this land.


What next?

rewilding the pyrenees

return vast areas of the pyrenees mountains to their natural and rightful splendour

The Pyrenees mountain range is thousands of square miles of hills, mountains and small populations dotted throughout. Life in rural areas has always been hard for humans. Younger generations continue to move away to cities. In some villages there are very few residents remaining. In others there are none at all.

Local economies have very little to offer humans, yet we have not undone the work of previous generations who survived on the land by reducing the number of predators and adapting lands for food production. We believe bringing the wildness back to this region can benefit local populations, society and indigenous species.

Richard hodges

Richard is one of the founders of WOLF. From a young age, Richard was captivated by wild animals and forests.

He is the visionary and the driver behind our work to rewild the Pyrenees, holding a strong view that people will fall in love with animals and want to protect them once they have had the privilege to spend time in their presence. 

Richard is a practical person. He knows that thee are reasons some people may fear wild animals or not want to share their space. This is why he is focussed on the creation of an a vast area that brings high value, low impact tourism to the Pyrenees through activities such as hiking, climbing and ski touring.


The Pyrenees mountains are already a popular destination for hikers and cyclists during the summer. During the winter, the many resorts bring millions of amateur skiers and snowboarders as well as professionals for several renowned competitions.

We believe that it is time to make the Pyrenees a destination for wildlife tourism all year round.

Europe currently has no natural park that is as highly regarded for its wildlife as Yellowstone in the USA. Surveys have shown that the majority of people who visit the park do so for the chance to see wild animals in their natural habitat.

WOLF's vision is to create an area that is as highly regarded as Yellowstone Park, in the majestic Pyrenees mountains.

where species can be safe from politics

The Pyrenees mountains are stunningly beautiful. Yet, this is a region which continues to see depopulation as younger residents move to cities and the older generation leave this world behind. Beautiful old farms and villages are falling into disrepair. 

Our central aim alongside ensuring a safe haven in the wild for indigenous species, is to bring benefits to the local population economically. This is the reason behind our other work and projects which, together with our rewilding programme, ensure we bring research, conservation, ecotourism innovation excellence to make this project a world-renowned success.

what can be rewilded?

Much of the land across the Pyrenees is privately owned. While this ownership can carry some prestige, looking after forest land is expensive. High costs of maintenance, fire prevention and insurance mean that many families struggle to take care of the terrain that has been passed down to them.


This forestland, seemingly useless for many, is precisely the land that WOLF wants to purchase or take custody of. We will use it to create a wild, protected reserve were hunting is prohibited all year round. It will be an area where endangered species are safe, whatever the current view of politicians and administrators may be.

Since beginning our search we have learned of entire forests and empty villages that are for sale by their owners who do not have the means to continue preserving them. These areas are often bordered by terrain available for "custodianship", meaning that WOLF could take over vast areas as their guardian while keeping costs to a minimum.

want to help?

Do you live in the Pyrenees and want to get involved with realising this vision? Are you interested in helping us design ways to help the local economy while protecting wildlife? Do you want to help us raise awareness about the precious fauna of the region and its fight for survival? 

Get in touch and we're sure there's a way we can help each other to preserve this wonderful range of mountains.

want to donate?

We require €9,000,000 to fully realise this project and have already submitted funding proposals to several foundations.


You can help us reach the full amount by making a small donation to the cause.

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