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Updated: Apr 18, 2018

It's been a busy few months. More updates will follow about what's happening "under the hood". But one thing is clear: we need some more help as things get bigger and better.

Over the past few months we have been struggling with finding the time to document everything that's been happening at WOLF. Of course, we're not unique in that sense. However, when we first started this journey, we wanted to share as much of it as possible with everyone out there - other people thinking of getting into species conservation and the general public. Now that we have many stories and experiences to share, it's time to address that struggle.

We all need some help from our friends time to time. Photo credit: Yúlan Ubeda.

WOLF is looking for volunteers to help us create written content (and maybe video content).

On the journey so far we have met, and continue to meet, quite incredible people who are dedicating their lives to protecting animals and the environment around us. Most of these people are based in Spain and their stories are rarely heard outside of their own communities and professional circles.

Now is such a critical time for the future of wildlife across the Iberian peninsula. We believe it is important to tell the outside world what's happening across the region by interviewing the biologists, rangers, activists and researchers who have so much to share. It's also important for our own team to participate in interviews and share the things they are learning along the way.

Content creation is so central to WOLF's efforts to raise awareness about Iberian wildlife and endangered species within and outside of Spain. This work will be part of our long term effort to create a documentary in a few years' time when we have succeeded in building the wildlife hospital and rewilding projects. These today are just blueprints but every single step is important.

For the volunteers who join us this will be something of a discovery experience. You'll be the one unveiling the interesting aspects of each individual story.

How you can expect this to work:

  • We will meet every 2 weeks to plan and assign the content creation cycle for the next 2 weeks, plus keep up to date on WOLF's work,

  • You can proactively select from existing content ideas or suggest new ideas for articles or series to the team,

  • You should be happy to take a creative approach to developing the content and then work with a reviewer to check and publish it,

  • We'll encourage you to bring to the table new ideas about other things you would like to see WOLF doing to raise awareness of Iberian wildlife to the outside world,

  • Be genuine and honest in your writing to add the human touch that readers can relate to,

  • We'd like you to take responsibility of the creation process but of course, ask your fellow teams for help and advice whenever you need it,

  • We will use online project management tools to raise any issues and share work for feedback, comments, peer review, ideas and inputs,

  • We don't expect you to provide a minimum or maximum number of hours for volunteering with us. All we ask is that when you do take on something that it does get done.

The kind of experience and skills you'll need are as follows:

  • A genuine interest in wildlife and the environment to help ensure this is an insightful and engaging experience for you,

  • Good written English. However, if it is not your native language we can help you to review and improve anywhere you need,

  • Ideally some experience of content creation and interviewing, although these are skills we can help you develop,

  • Optional: command of Spanish, French, Portuguese or Catalan in the case some of our interviewees will prefer interviews to be done in one of these languages rather than in English,

  • Ability to organise your schedule around any assignments you volunteer for,

  • Ability to use online tools for conference calls, publishing and planning.

For more information please contact us using our online form at the bottom of our website.

This is the volunteering opportunity with WOLF that is currently best developed. In the next weeks and months we will also be looking for people to help us with:

  • Social media management,

  • Public relations, mainly creating relationships with journalists, helping to achieve coverage in formal publications,

  • Fundraising: desk research, proposal writing and donor relations,

  • Ambassador relations: mainly seeking public figures and celebrities who can help WOLF to bring information and educational resources to more people,

  • Data collection, analysis and research, mainly for our wolf census study.

If there are activities you would like to help us with for any reason but don’t see them listed here, please do get in touch. Perhaps you just want to develop a skill to add to your CV or spend more time doing something you enjoy. We are all ears and will be delighted to see if we can do something together. Again, for more information please contact us using our online form at the bottom of our website.

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