All creatures are social to some degree. And so are organisations. One cannot achieve much alone.

Across Spain, Portugal and Andorra there are thousands of people doing their part in helping to protect the environment and species of the Iberian peninsula. We see WOLF's main contribution as helping the outside world learn more about the wildlife and wild areas of Iberia. And, therefore, we work with several partners who are striving for similar goals.


Good people, together, can achieve so much more. 


Un Simple Pas

Un Simple Pas organises activities such as workshops, presentations and field trips. These fun activities serve as a way of raising awareness about non-profit organisations working to improve the environment and the lives of humans and animals across Catalunya.

Un Simple Pas is helping WOLF develop educational activities for children, helping the next generation understand more about the necessity of protecting species and their habitats.

Mossy Earth

Mossy Earth is a social enterprise on a mission to bring back wilderness in Europe. Through the framework of rewilding and reforestation, Mossy Earth offers individuals and businesses the possibility to restore key ecosystems and wild habitats while reducing their carbon footprint.

Mossy Earth and WOLF help to raise awareness of each other's work. We regularly share knowledge in our specific areas of expertise.

Coming soon...

We are working on establishing a partnership with an organisation that has been fighting to protect the Iberian wolf for decades.  We'll let you know when we have more news!

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