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We believe change is possible when everyone is involved, informed and wins.

For that reason we work on several interconnected projects that support WOLF's 5 pillars to enhance wildlife conservation efforts.


Rescue, rehabilitation and rewilding of endangered and vulnerable animals


Research and framework development to help global conservation efforts


Informing current and future generations about the importance of wildlife


Advance, test and share new technologies and techniques for conservation


Creating new business models that promote conservation and reward everyone


Census 2.0 (Research, Innovation)

WOLF is working to research and develop a methodology for canid population data collection that will test and evaluate the efficiency, accuracy and cost of several techniques and technologies.

Pyrenees Centre for Wildlife Conservation

In a region which continues to see depopulation with many beautiful old farms and villages falling into disrepair, the Pyrenees is an area where rewilding and the reintroduction of endangered species can bring extensive benefits: greater, sustainable biodiversity and improved prospects for the local population through ecotourism and wildlife tourism.

Helping released Iberian lynx survive in the wild (Research)

Imagine this: the Iberian lynx has already recovered to the point that it is not longer a critically endangered species but the population still cannot recover because so many individuals are dying out in the wild. The main cause: road collisions.


The poor Iberian lynx has lost its habitat to roads, developments and greenhouses. We need to help Europe's most endangered felid get out of the danger zone.

Rewilding the Pyrenees (Ecotourism, Conservation)

Forestland, seemingly "useless" in the eyes of many owners, is precisely the land that WOLF is raising money to purchase in order to create a wild reserve where hunting endangered species is prohibited, even at times that the regional and national administrations have differing views.

WildnessTech Platform for sharing technology (Innovation)

WOLF is working with NGOs and corporations to reduce the amount of electronic and electrical waste that is thrown away around the world. Our project is an innovative platform that, for the first time, makes it possible for companies and individuals to know the good their discarded e-waste makes to conservation and sustainability goals.

Kids Love Wildlife (Education)

Kids Love Wildlife is an education programme that teaches children about the importance of wild ecosystems through lovable characters.


Our long term goal is to educate the next generation about the causes of habitat loss so they can make better informed decisions as and when they grow up.

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