The tale of Red Riding Hood dates back as far as the 10th century. Why is it still the first encounter children have with the wolf? 

kids love wildlife

An education programme
for the next generation

The next generation is going to be severely affected by the loss of wild animals and habitats that humans are destroying at an unprecedented rate.

Kids Love Wildlife is an education programme that teaches children about the importance of wild ecosystems.


Our long term goal is to address the main cause of habitat loss: human actions. Investing in the next generation's understanding of wildness is critical to their survival and quality of life.





As we bring Kids Love Wildlife into a world class education programme, WOLF is delighted to be working with Layla Benabid, a renowned French children's illustrator and author, who has become a major contributor to the project.  


Layla has kindly donated her character Tilou to become the hero of our stories, almost literally bringing to life the important messages within our stories.


It is a sad truth that almost from birth we are taught to fear the wolf. Storytelling is a powerful medium: hearing the tale of Red Riding Hood sets children up to view the wolf with suspicion for the rest of their lives.


Meet Tilou: he is the star of the show in all of our stories. A young wolf learning about the world around him, we will join his adventures so children can learn about wildlife around them with an emotional connection

how the programme comes to life

Our mission is to bring scientific evidence to children in a fun, engaging way through workshops starring little Tilou the wolf.

The outcome of the project will be to deliver workshops to 1,500 children in person by the end of 2018 and make resources available to teachers across Spain. Our aim is to reach 20,000 children by the end of 2019.

Kids Love Wildlife requires five stages of work to become a success.

1. WOLF education framework

We'll be creating two workshop frameworks that will feature Tilou as the hero, inspiring an emotional connection to be made between young children and wild animals through his individual journey,

2. Materials creation

Create materials for the first two workshops in collaboration with Layla.

3. Training

Train 5 team members to deliver the workshops in Catalunya to gauge the reception of the format and story with both children and teachers

4. Distribution at low cost via the web

Once the concept is proven, we will distribute the materials free of charge across Spain to teachers and parents online and, in some cases, by providing printed copies of workshop plans.

5. In full swing!

By this stage we'll be going at full speed. Our team will run live workshops via Facebook and continue to distribute the content via Youtube to train more teachers and reach an even greater number of children.

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want to help?

Want to help us bring Kind Love Wildlife to schools, libraries and events across Spain?  You can get involved as a workshop leader, help us by giving time to distribute the materials online or making a donation to the project.

want to donate?

We require just €5,000 to realise phase 1 of this project and have progressed towards our goal quickly with €1,800 already raised. You can help us reach the full amount by making a small donation to the cause.

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