Sustainable & Responsible


We integrate wildlife conservation with outdoor recreation activities and responsible tourism opportunities. A combination of passive energy residences, modern technology and pristine natural experiences like camping, hiking, climbing, cycling and wildlife viewing ensure our commitment to promoting responsible tourism practices that benefit both conservation and local communities.
  • Eco-Cabins

    Leading ecocabin designers are helping us create luxurious yet environmentally friendly accommodation. Imagine waking up in the forest and watching wolves over breakfast while causing them no disturbance.

  • Immersive Experiences

    Our programme of experiences will immerse you into activities such as wildlife tracking, accompanying our team as they conduct their research activities or even helping with our rewilding efforts.

  • Outdoor Recreation

    Making the most of wild surroundings you can enjoy activities like hiking, mountain biking, wildlife photography and more, all the while learning about the behavior and natural habitat of Iberian wildlife.

  • Community Involvement

    Our work is for the benefit of the local community as well as for the local environment. We commit to providing education, training and employment to local residents as well as collaboration with schools and businesses.

  • Conservation Benefits

    As a non-profit organisation we commit to deploying our revenues from ecotourism solely for the conservation of endangered species, the environment of our sanctuary and, where possible, our surroundings.

  • Sustainability

    From environmental sustainability to financial sustainability, we will adopt the latest best practices from across all sectors to achieve a rarely seen quality standard.