Pyrenees wildlife conservation

The Pyrenees mountain range stretches across six Spanish provinces, six French départements and the Principality of Andorra. We believe that the complex political division makes an independent centre of knowledge about  the region's wildlife a necessity.

the Pyrenees centre for wildlife conservation

a wildlife hospital and sanctuary serving the fauna of the pyrenees

The wild areas of the Pyrenees are home to a wonderful diversity of fauna including wolves, nears, wild cats, birds and ungulates.

Many of the native species are now endangered. While there are significant and growing efforts to protect these populations, due to the administrative boundaries between three countries and many more provinces, there is no central base of knowledge, excellence or action coordinating wildlife rescue and protection efforts across the mountain range. 



Olga is one of the founders of WOLF. Originally from Russia, she grew up in the UK and then moved to the Pyrenees. While being in love with the mountains, she feels a constant sadness knowing that the native wildlife is the missing piece.

Her vision for the Pyrenees Centre for Wildlife Conservation is to serve as a center for helping injured animals while training the next generation of wildlife vets, conservationists and behaviour specialists.


She also wants to make the centre available as an "open innovation" space where new technologies and techniques can be trialled.

The centre will also serve as a boutique eco-tourism facility and host corporate programmes so that people from all walks of life can experience and get involved.


Imagine being on of the only few people to wake up in the grounds of the Pyrenees Centre for Wildlife Conservation on a crisp morning.

You're there with your close family or on a team building trip with your colleagues. The air is clean. You hear only silence. Life is good. Particularly because you know that around you are some of the most endangered species in Europe and the world.

Moreover, you know your presence as a visitor is helping the individuals animals recover and the species survive for good.

why the pyrenees?

The Pyrenees mountains are stunningly beautiful. Yet, this is a region which continues to see depopulation as younger residents move to cities and the older generation leave this world behind. Beautiful old farms and villages are falling into disrepair. 

When humans no longer value the land as much as before, the area becomes a natural candidate for bringing back the wildness. The reintroduction of endangered species can bring extensive benefits: more biodiversity in both flora and fauna, improved prospects for the local economies through ecotourism and wildlife activities.

As an organisation we understand the Pyrenees: the wildlife, the terrain, the people, the challenges. WOLFs vision is to create the Pyrenees Centre for Wildlife Conservation to benefit the local populations and economies.

creating the centre

WOLF has identified a site that is currently functioning as a wildlife park but could be significantly improved.  It is perfectly placed, served by modern infrastructure and supported by education, tourism and commercial facilities located nearby. 


This positioning brings so many benefits and giving the site the potential to easily offer the following activities and facilities:

  1. Wildlife hospital for injured fauna,

  2. Training facility for veterinarians,

  3. Educational facilities for biologists, conservationists and animal behaviour specialists thanks to the proximity of a university,

  4. Nearby safe release site within a protected series of valleys (no roads, no human inhabitants),

  5. Small recovery centre and sanctuary in a forested area for animals who take some time to return to the wild or cannot do so because of their injuries,

  6. Boutique ecotourism development to accommodate families and corporate programme visitors aiding public visibility and providing financial sustainability,

  7. Research facility allowing for development and testing of new, innovative applications of technologies for conservation purposes,

  8. Extensive, modern infrastructure in nearby population centres to host congresses and events for the international conservation community.

want to help?

Do you live in the Pyrenees and want to get involved with realising this vision? Are you interested in helping us design ways to help the local economy while protecting wildlife? Do you want to help us raise awareness about the precious fauna of the region and its fight for survival? 

Get in touch and we're sure there's a way we can help each other to preserve this wonderful range of mountains.

want to donate?

We require €1,200,000 to realise the first phase of this project and have already submitted funding proposals to several foundations.


You can help us reach the full amount by making a small donation to the cause.

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