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Our vision is making biodiversity work for everyone, whatever their age, profession or species.

Our focus is on making biodiversity work for the people and wildlife of Spain. We are all in love with this beautiful country, traditions, nature and incredibly rich expanses of wilderness. Some of us have lived in the country all our lives, some have made it their home of choice.


We are all concerned about the conflicts between animals and humans in Spain and want to ensure that the country's habitats stay healthy and wild.  We know this is only possible if everybody benefits from an abundance of wildlife. Hence, all of our work focussed on this core vision of making biodiversity work for everyone.

the wolf team

We are incredibly lucky to bring together decades of experience in biology, conservation, animal behaviour, education, technology and fundraising.  


We are united by our love of the wilderness and tireless passion for wildlife.

Richard Hodges


In his late 40s, Richard has experienced a broad spectrum of commercial life, having been a helicopter pilot, computer software engineer and a business owner. He is recognised as a leading expert in the development complex computer systems and spends much of his time as an active mentor for software developers. Richard is the visionary behind WOLF and heads up the fundraising and engineering activities. He’s also our own expert on sled-dogs, accompanied by Spartacus and Caesar the huskies wherever he goes.

Olga Pavlovsky


Olga has ten years experience in managing departments within large NGOs and companies and running fast growing technology businesses. She grew up with dogs from day one and walked in forests looking for wolf tracks during cold Russian winters, from where her love for the wild comes. In her role at the Wildness of Life Foundation, Olga heads up the marketing, public relations and administration activities. She’s also our key speaker when we go out on the road to educate and tell people more about the ways of the wolf.

Yulán Úbeda

Research lead

Yulán is currently researching animal welfare, personality and mental disorders with Chimpanzees, as well as Killer Whales, Bottlenose Dolphins and Iberian Lynx. With a biology degree (zoology specialization) and a master’s degree in animal behaviour, she now teaches primatology courses at several Spanish universities and is member of Directive Board of APE where she is responsible for the research committee. Yulán contributes to the technical aspects of the project including: research, animal welfare, and educational programmes.

Daniel Oteo

Canine psychologist and educator

Dani is a canine psychologist who leads an extraordinary life in the eyes of many people. He lives in his lovely camper van home with Czech wolf, Loba. Together they change people's perceptions of the wolf every day: they work as beach lifeguards and visit schools to educate people about the realities of wolves and wolf dogs.

Georgina Rodriguez

Catalan history and culture advocate

Georgina is a historian and manager of cultural and natural heritage, particularly interested in the evolution of the relationship between humans and wolves. She believe humanity as we know it today has left its natural facet aside, a tragic loss. Hence, she’s positive that a project like WOLF is an important step in the right direction. Georgina’s role is to enable the sanctuary to become a point of union between humans and nature, and a place for education that enhances respect and knowledge of noble and ancient species such as the Iberian wolf.

Diana Birnbaum


Diana joined WOLF as part of a major change in her life as she transitioned from the corporate world to a more meaningful life and professional aspirations. Diana previously worked within sales departments for engineering enterprises in Germany 

and the UK. Thus, she brings a level of precision, attention to detail and talents for relationship management that are truly valuable. Diana is always happiest when she is horse riding and looking after these magnificent animals to ensure they are in the best of health.

Xavier Arpino


Xavier has been making documentary films covering social history across France, Spain and Portugal for over 15 years. He has always held an admiration for the wildness of wolves and holds the title of being the best friend of many dogs, who consider him one of their own.

Xavier has been following the activities of WOLF with his camera since January 2016 and has his sights on creating a documentary – he’ll be watching us for the next 10 years!

Javier Santoyo

CSR and corporate volunteering advisor

Javier has 10 years’ experience at the very cutting edge of corporate social responsibility and sustainable supply chain management. He is an advisor to the WOLF team on important areas such as corporate volunteering programme design, corporate donor engagement and sustainable development. We are extremely lucky to count Javier as one of our advisors for his forward thinking and entrepreneurial approach to some of the world's biggest challenges including ewaste and conservation.

Patricia Gonzales

Education specialist

Patri brings a wealth of environmental education expertise having worked for nearly 10 years in this field. She spent 2 years collaborating with Fundació MONA's education department running activities for children and adults. During her masters studies, Patri looked at the awareness among college students about chimpanzees in various habitats finding disappointing results about perceptions of the animals’ welfare and conservation status. For this reason she continues her focus on education, a critical part of changing the perception of the Iberian wolf.

Iñaki Eguiarte

Communications advocate

Iñaki is a speaker, public speaking trainer and Design Management teacher born in Mexico City. At the age of 10 he was bitten by his neighbour’s Malamute which led him to develop a fear of dogs. Still, he loved wolves – perhaps due to his Mexican roots where tribal narrative sees the wolf as a human’s good friend! After moving to Catalunya, he spent 6 months in the mountains, fell in love with nature and the beautiful surroundings. He hopes WOLF becomes a bridge between more city animals like him and nature.

Brad Anthony


Brad is our multidisciplinary linchpin who began his career as a fish and wildlife biologist in the Canadian environment industry. With extensive experience in natural resource science and management, Brad speaks the language of most teams involved on such projects including conservation, environment, animal welfare, enforcement, legal, engineering, and project management. When not helping international conservation organizations and primate sanctuaries he often spends time with wild primate troops learning to be more human. 

Titia Shamhart

Volunteer biologist

Titia has spent seven years working closely with wild animals in a variety of settings. She has held a number of roles as an animal keeper and biologist in shelters and wildlife parks and also worked as a veterinary assistant. Titia’s role at the Wildness of Life Foundation is to coordinate our collaboration initiatives with field experts in Iberian flora and fauna to ensure that our decisions are informed to be sustainable and long term.

Marc Cardús

Enclosure specialist

It has been said that the maturity of man is to recover the seriousness with which we played when we were kids. Marc has always aspired to be part of a great initiative such as WOLF and, with many years of experience designing and building animal enclosures, knows it is one of the most serious missions that can be found.

Florian Naef

Financial analyst

Florian is a true all rounder – he started out his career in a Swiss bank before finding that social work with cognitive disabled people was far more suited to his soul. His love for wolves comes from an overall admiration for nature, animals and wanting to fight against extinction. He hopes that WOLF can become a sanctuary known for its excellence worldwide and grow to help save the endangered species of Catalunya to the point that sanctuaries themselves are no longer needed. 

Salva Puig

In memoriam

Salva was the source of the most vital connections and local knowledge essential to WOLF’s early growth. He was kind and selfless in his contributions, doing what he could to lay a path for protecting Iberian Wolves in Catalunya through humane education and ecotourism. Salva left this world in 2016 but remains forever in our hearts. The gift and legacy he left WOLF is eternal. Goodbye dear friend, you will not be forgotten.

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